Store Visual Planning, Part 3

You are reading Part 3 of the Store Visual Planning series, designed to make you more expert in retailing. We believe everyone should have the knowledge to be their own consultant. If time or other limitation keeps you from this critical task of merchandising and branding, call a LobbyPOP Pro. In the meantime, click the links here if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.

Once through the “strike zone”, the right wall of your store is usually your most valuable real estate as this is the area that is generally traveled first and viewed most thoroughly by our customers. The LobbyPOP System has coined the term “Right Now” to describe the nature of this zone. Here’s some insight:

  • On the right wall, you may want to place affordable items (in relation to other products within your store). This should include products that you are promoting – that are hot Right Now — but which are not necessarily demand items. Demand merchandise includes those items that the customer has made the decision to purchase before they enter your store.
  • This Right Now zone should be flooded with light, aimed at the wall and strategically placed hot products. Lighting is extremely influential for guiding the consumer’s interest. In most grocery stores, the bakery is to the right, awash in golden tones.
  • In an article for Cooperative Grocer, Pam Musante wrote that “retail is detail.” Grocery manager of Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative, Musante noted that she steals at least one good idea from every retailer she visits.
  • Video signage in the Right Now zone is extremely effective. If on a floor-standing unit, it should be placed about eye-level. If wall-mounted, the screen should be placed up higher, within the “cone of vision” and above the merchandise. LobbyPOP has developed a unique “mannequin” style free-standing display that stops visitors in their tracks.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of the Store Visual Planning series, featuring the high-traffic cash zone!