LobbyPOP: Versatile Video ContentOur Mission:  “To improve the success of our clients’ businesses by providing impactful branding, effective signage, and competitive solutions through the design, manufacture and delivery of custom signs and identity-building services.”

Established in 2006 with a long-term plan for engaging the sign industry in dynamic digital signage, LobbyPOP®  was the first entity to embrace this new medium specifically for sign professionals. The first organization to teach digital electronic sign technology to the manufacturers of digital print signage was Sign Biz, Inc., after a year of research through their LobbyPOP division. The debut of a complete “edutainment” system for sign industry entrepreneurs took place at the Sign Biz International Convention, “Lights, Cameras, Action!” on Saturday, April 14, 2007 at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas, NV.    

Since that time, LobbyPOP has focused on quality content, rendered for any delivery platform, and has remained true to their vision to bring this opportunity to digital print sign industry entrepreneurs, through education, a complete array of tested hardware and software solutions, and premium quality HD content.

Big Branding for Small Business. tmWhere the Vision is one year, cultivate Flowers

Where the Vision is Ten years, cultivate Trees

Where the Vision is eternity, cultivate People  –           Oriental saying

LobbyPOP® : A fusion of sight and sound that delivers more than a message to build your brand. If time is precious, then LobbyPOP® is priceless.  Tap into the full potential of dynamic signage with endless options to minimize effort and dollars spent.

A step ahead is a great place to lead. – LobbyPOP motto.

To learn more contact us: amazing@lobbypop.com. 1-888-LOBBYPOP [1-888-562-2976] or visit our website: www.lobbypop.com


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