A CPA and a Digital Sign

This is a story about why a digital sign expert is an invaluable partner to busy professionals.  It is also a story of a very hardworking CPA, who spent 30 years building his practice. He employed 14 staff, and leased a nice, large set of offices in a beautiful skyscraper.  He did work weekends, nearly all of the time. And tax season had him losing hair. Yes, he had pretty much arrived at a solid and financially sound place.  But, clients who entered his lobby could see… nothing.  There was a coffee table, some chairs, and a glass window to the view conference room view. In the conference room was a dead tree. 

Not surprisingly, all businesses must expect to lose – and need to replace—about 10% of their clients each year. Those clients have moved away, or otherwise stopped operating in the same marketplace.  Well, this CPA was working so hard, even double-time, to keep clients satisfied, and to gain new clients. He was replacing clients, but not really growing very quickly these days. 

One day, a LobbyPOP representative pointed out what potential new clients see when they finally arrive at the CPA’s offices. They see…. Nothing. Except, of course, the dead tree in the conference room and pictures that are yet to be hung on the walls.

The CPA was so busy all of the time, he could not even get his lobby in shape. Not even hang more than a picture or two. In fact, he did not feel comfortable with designing nor decorating his own lobby.  He was outside of his comfort zone, that zone involving numbers, and math. 

The LobbyPOP representative encouraged an immediate, small make-over. This included an LCD flat-panel screen with customized edutainment DVD to play continuously, plus pictures hung, plants replaced, and Viola! Within 30 days, the CPA was, for the first time ever, gaining every new client that appeared as a prospect at his business! 

He, honest to goodness, started taking weekends off, and spent time with his wife, son and daughter. He attributes this change, after 30 years, to the introduction of LobbyPOP concepts for image-building, and making a first impression that lasts.

See the amazing transformation at www.lobbypop.com

What’s in your lobby?