Tell Your Story – Part 4

Be sure to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for the rest of this series on best marketing tips for digital signage content.

Here in Part 4, we present the second to last post on this subject, with “Things to Avoid” when crafting your digital signage content. This list reflects the extracted result of multiple research studies. Case studies published since 2005, and results studies presented privately to prospective advertisers have advanced the development of Digital Signage. The Platt Retail Institute ( and their partners in creating impact effectiveness reports are particularly to be applauded.

First, content basics – What to Avoid:

Telling people how you do your biz. Don’t explain the process. The natural inclination is to talk about your workaday goings-on, anecdotes, extraneous info, industry- specific facts. Avoid jargon!!

Prices or costs unless it works to your benefit or it’s part of your positioning.

Selling yourself short with qualifiers.

Example: We have just four employees. We’ve been in business only three years. We’ve just started. There’s no need to bring our insecurities into the formula. Don’t highlight the things you don’t/can’t do.

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