Tell Your Story – Part 2

Advertising Age magazine states that the single most effective marketing campaign ever created, in terms of selling the most goods and services, first appeared in 1948. It still runs periodically today. It’s been copied and “knocked off” by countless marketers over the decades and been used to sell hard goods as well as intangibles, high-ticket items and those with a nominal cost. You’ll probably recognize it. Here’s how it starts.

Take two men. Both graduates of good universities. Both hardworking and ambitious.
Flash forward twenty years, and one is in the corner office commanding the attention and respect of hundreds. The other toils amid the legions of middle managers in a largely obscure position. Why did one ascend to great heights and the other plateau so early?

The copy goes on to suggest that the key contributing factor was that one read the Wall Street Journal and the other didn’t. This format of “Take Two People” Compare/Contrast is a highly successful marketing formula. What Advertising Age believes is the underlying reason for its success revolves around one simple fact that differentiates it from the multitudes of other marketing campaigns— it’s a story.

Can you use this concept for your dynamic digital signage? Yes, you can, if you offer a product that is educational, or allows your clients to improve their condition in some way. For sign companies – this applies to your products easily. An ad campaign built around the “haves” and “have nots” of digital signage. Simple. Effective. Validated.

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