Wallpaper On Demand

Sign-Age of Tampa Bay, a LobbyPOP Pro
Sign-Age of Tampa Bay, Member of the Sign Biz Network and a LobbyPOP Pro

If you really want to make a statement through your visual communications mediums, then you will not only place those gorgeous HD screens throughout your premises, but you will also make sure they are properly framed and enhanced by what is behind them – that is, the wallpaper! Picture your spa images floating on screens, with gorgeous murals that mirror the aesthetic appeal. Now, imagine the walls feature your brand name, with your logo tastefully watermarked, and your own company mission woven into the design. Now THAT is branding!

Just think: 3% or $90 million worth of wallpaper was digitally printed just 3 years ago. Today, it is nearly double that! The digital wallpaper trend is truly a destructive technology- -meaning, it will radically replace existing structures. Not too far in the future, all wallpaper will be available by ordering from a kiosk, custom, fast, beautiful—and NO MORE WALLPAPER STORES.

Digital Print WallpaperVisit this link, Wallpaper Providers, to see the list of manufacturers of all types of wallpaper. Of this list, right now, today, of more than 200 wallpaper manufacturers from around the world, nearly 30% are now using digital print technology for custom prints! Digital sign professionals help the end-user to think outside the box—or in this case—the walls. Tip: Digital Print curtains are fast becoming the rage!

Continued demand by end users for smaller quantity production runs, driven by a desire to regionalize ad campaigns, reduce inventories, and satisfy quick turnarounds will drive the digital transition.

Next up: Waiting Rooms – Where Opportunity Knocks!