Digital TV & the LobbyPOP Concept

As we provide information in this blog to fulfill our goal to create “Better Retail Through Education and Technology,” we must share what we can about the LobbyPOP premise and platform. Over the coming four years, we anticipate great growth in the arena of “video signage” and predict that the “traditional” sign industry will also come to embrace this “fringe” trend. Don’t be surprised to see the International Sign Association offer seminars to the entire sign industry on the subject!

In the meantime, here’s what we see and do:

Industry predictions about the likely penetration of digital TV over the next few years vary wildly. But for those concerned about access to information, there remains a danger that the digital revolution could leave the small, independent business even more threatened by large-chain use of technologies and costly brand-building techniques, including satellite-fed narrow-casts. How will the digital sign enterprise compete?

LobbyPOP  was launched by Sign Biz, Inc, last year, with first product packages shipping in September of 2006, to help small businesses increase their sales, credibility, and profits.  The LobbyPOP dealership is unique in the marketplace, and provides a selection of exclusive client products and services which aim to give independently owned establishments a point of difference to compete with any multiple chain.

The LobbyPOP package of complete waiting room supplements to build stronger identities includes a cornerstone product that is a point of differentiation in the marketplace: Customized waiting room “Edutainment DVD” and media package.

To ensure the success of small enterprise, LobbyPOP dealers reach out to local small businesses with free one-to-one consultations in the use of video-inspired multimedia techniques that are affordable, targeted, and as high-quality as those displayed by the large chain outlets. LobbyPOP dealers also guide their clients in developing their own company image through simple “make-over” techniques, as featured on the website.

“The overriding aim of our program is to ensure that retail-based companies obtain sufficient knowledge and training to enable them to make the best business use of branding and multi-media techniques,” explains Teresa M Young, President & CEO of Sign Biz, Inc, and founder of LobbyPOP.

One stand-out feature of this approach is that LobbyPOP Pros are already digital sign experts – in print and graphics. By adding this dynamic element to what is already available, a very complete branding program is now available.

The mission could now be stated as, “The design and distribution of advertising and brand identity material to promote the business goods, services, and credibility of others through the mediums of audiovisual displays, murals, and floor graphics in business lobbies and waiting rooms; and by rendering sales promotion and branding advice.”

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